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The Start of a New Beginning [12th Aug 2016|08:20 pm]
[I am |nostalgicnostalgic]


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Monday, I'm in love [8th Jul 2013|03:33 am]
[I am |lovedloved]


This was where it started.
"Would you like to be my date for my OCT social night?"
It started without warning.

Then it continued.
It became "I liked you since young."
Things were just warming up.


Feelings develop over time.
But we said, "Hold on till after graduation."
We worked through our busiest days.

But we didn't give up.
We held on till it was time when he said,
"Latifah Mohd Ibrahim, would you be my girlfriend?"


On this day.
Thirteen months ago.
I said, "Yes."

And maybe next time.
I'll say, "I do."
Who knows.

Insya Allah.


I can never express enough about how grateful I am to you. Thank you for not forgetting your childhood 'crush'. Thank you for keeping the feelings you have for me. Thank you for having the courage to ask me out. Thank you for all the sacrifices you've done for me. One year is a short time to say so much. But given all the things that we've been through together, I'm really grateful for your presence. Thank you for supporting me no matter what I do, be it work, studies or passion. Thank you for being my important decision maker, especially what to eat for lunch. It's a damn important decision to make, yknw. Lol. Thank you for being my confidant at all times. Thank you for listening to whatever I have to say, rant, anything at all. No amount of thank yous can suffice, actually. But lastly, and most importantly, thank you for being there for me all the time. Except of course, when you fall asleep early. Which is, most of the time. Hahaha oops.

Thank you for being the sweetest bestest boyfriend any girl could ever dream of (of course I can say that la right hahaha). Happy 13th, sayang. Right now, you are approximately 3764 miles away from me. But like you always say, "Apart from distance, but never from heart."

I, Latifah Binte Mohamad Ibrahim,
love you, Muhammad Iftiqal Bin Baharudin,
with all of my heart and soul.

(8 June 2012)

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Confessions of a Bitchy Latt [6th Apr 2013|01:17 am]
[I am |annoyedannoyed]

Hello hello hello! I haven't been here for idk how long and oh my, look at all the dusts here! Ok ok back to business. I've been damn busy to even open this page, let alone to update it. So I'm sorry for neglecting. But then again, as if anyone's reading it. Lol.

So the reason I'm here tonight is because I can't stand it anymore I just have to say something somewhere. And twitter's not the right choice because I'll be condemned for flooding their timelines. Lol. Ok serious now. What am I itching to voice out today? See the photo above? Yeah take a good look at it. Is it normal? Is there anything wrong with it? Do I look hideous?

Why am I asking all those questions? Because people look at me as if I'm naked or holding a gun or a different species in the zoo! And I'm not talking about youngsters solely. This includes those pakcik makciks, even those who wears tudungs, whom I thought would be more acceptive in this matter. Instead, I get stares and glances as if they're shocked to see a girl in baju kurung. Again, what's wrong with wearing your own traditional costumes? Yes, I don't wear the hijab. But is baju kurung solely for hijab wearers? Or maybe weddings only?

My mother always tells me to wear baju kurung. She'd say, "Kalau Friday tu, pakailah baju melayu. Tknk pakai kain, pakai seluar. Beli byk2 pun buat ape kalau tk pakai. Nk tunggu org kahwin je. Kalau tk kite yg pakai, sape lagi nk pakai?" Which means "Wear traditional clothes on Fridays. If you don't wanna wear the skirt, just wear pants. What for buy so many clothes and not wear them? Wear for weddings only. If we do't wear them, who else will?" And she'd add, "Be proud to wear them. Who cares about what others think?"

Well, my mother is not the very religious kind, I might add. But she believes in tradition and she's the reason why I love Malay, even though I'm not. When I was younger, she threatened to switch me to Tamil classes if I didn't excel in Malay. Of course she wouldn't and she can't, but I was too young to catch the fake threat. So thanks to her, I've always excelled in Malay. And I've never regretted it. I love Malay to bits. The language, the tradition, the customs, the costumes, everything except one thing. The people. I'm sorry but I really can't stand some people. Especially those who stared at me every single time I wear baju kurung to work, yes you, don't try look away.

Today, as usual, I received my fair share of stares and glances and look-aways when I caught their eye. Nothing new, nothing unusual. But as I walked to the mrt station after work just now, I saw this guy who's working as a security officer for Zara. He was looking at me and I gave him a "Don't mess with me" expressionless face. I thought he was another one of them who lives under a rock and has never seen anyone in baju kurung other than Sundays. But I was wrong. After about maybe 3 seconds of staring, he smiled. Something like a closed wide smile that would make anyone smile back. And that instantly made my day. Thank you, mat at Zara. At least it wasn't a flirty kind of smile or anything.

So yeah, this is the kind of people I would love to meet. People who don't mind and people who accepts the fact that baju kurung is just another style of clothing you can wear out. Why is it that when you wear traditional clothes for weddings and then you walk around shopping malls after that, people don't look and judge? Because it's a Sunday? What's wrong with wearing it on other days? And Fridays are supposed to be a holy day, so why not? Oh well, modern people and their 'reservations'. What an irony.

I love traditional costumes. It brings out who I really am. And because I have mixed blood, I'm blessed with 2 cultures to embrace. And I have my parents, especially my mother, to thank for supporting and for instilling this in me since young. And not forgetting my lovely boyfriend, who's always supportive no matter what. He'd always say, "You look beautiful, sayang." and that is enough to light up my world.

And for the first time, I'm gonna declare this online/publicly whatever. I love you Muhd Iftiqal, more than you'll ever know. (I purposely chose this photo because uploading a handsome photo of you is too mainstream. You can see them on my tumblr or instagram, heh)

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B-e-a-utiful [25th Feb 2012|01:37 am]
[I am |lovedloved]

What are the odds of having a dream come true? Cause I counted and the probability was zero. So what is it that I'm feeling now? Don't know what I'm talking about? I'll tell you.

Megan Nicole once said,
"I wanna be blown away
I wanna be swept off my feet
I wanna meet the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I wanna be lost in love
I wanna be your dream come true
I wanna be scared of how strong I feel for you
Just call me beautiful, Call me beautiful
Call me beautiful, Call me b-e-a-utiful"

I love this song to bits and I've always felt the way Megan felt when she sings this.
But now, I feel like;
I've been blown away
I've been swept off my feet
I've met the one who makes it hard for me to breathe
I am lost in love
I am his dream come true (vice versa)
I'm scared of how strong I feel for him
And he calls me beautiful
No matter what time of the day, every single day.

I'm pretty sure Megan would be so damn jealous of me right now.


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Life cycle, [20th Dec 2011|12:25 am]
[I am |crushedcrushed]

I should have known. But like I said, this is no longer a mistake. It was my choice. So I'm just gonna suck it up and ignore.

This is a freaking cycle. When I decide to give up, it comes back to me. Then when I finally give in, it goes away again. And it's gonna repeat the cycle until idk when. But I don't care. I'm gonna let it be and get on with the flow.

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We found love in a hopeless place, [17th Dec 2011|12:44 am]
[I am |gigglygiggly]

Okay, so I may have bailed out on myself (Refer to previous post). I gave up on giving up. I know I shouldn't but I have my reasons.

But one thing that I can be proud of is that I didn't succumb to temptations. I kept to my promises to myself.

Something happened on Saturday (10/12) night. And then Sunday morning. What happened on Tuesday night was the decider. It made me rethink this whole thing again. I decided to give it another chance. It's like I never learn. But it's okay. Cause this time, it will no longer be called a mistake. It's already a choice, my choice.

But this time, I'm starting anew. My new motto: No hopes no expectations just ___. It's up to me, and to you, to fill in the blanks appropriately.

For now, I'm gonna enjoy what's there for me. And freeze my heart, so that it won't get hurt that easily.

You pushed me to drown
And then pulled me back up.
Boy, you're so messed up
And that makes two of us.


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Falling in love, [10th Dec 2011|04:12 am]
[I am |sadsad]

Yesterday, 9 December 2011, my heart gave up. It wasn't easy. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Why do people fall in love? Why does love hurt? Why is love so important yet it stings like a bitch?

Why why why? These are the questions I ask myself, and God. But until now, I haven't got the answers.

My heart was broken not once, but twice. The second time it happened, I lost all hopes. But then something happened and showed a glimmer of hope. Turns out, it was just to test how vulnerable I was. And you were right, God. I am indeed very much vulnerable.

I see girls all around, having the perfect boyfriends, perfect life (on the surface, but who cares). I want that too. I want a perfect life too. Why can't I have it?

Why do I always get into relationships that are 'not meant to be'? Why can't it be a happy ending for once? How long more do I have to wait for it to happen? For my life to be perfect?

To you, from the first time I met you, I sort of knew that you were special. You opened up a locked space in my heart. You patched up the broken piece of my soul. I was shattered but you brought me together and made me alive again. I gave you my all, and if I could give you anything more than that, I would have done so willingly. But you played me out like a fool. You cheated my feelings. You left me hanging without a thread. You ripped off my soul right in the ass. I trusted you with all of me but you burned it all down with a snap. And then, you returned and gave me hope. Not so much but enough for me to trust again. But it was all just a passing cloud. You didn't mean to stay. You're a drifter, and that's all you'll ever be.

But know this. I trusted you when you told me you loved me. I opened up my heart to take you in and love again. I thought our relationship would be different from what we were used to. But I was wrong. You may not feel the same way anymore, or maybe you never felt that way at all. But I was true. I love you. Cause to me, you are my only exception. But I guess, things don't really turn out the way you want them to.

So run along now. I've done this before, I can do this again. Even if it kills me, I will do it.
Top of my to-do list: Forget about you.

Dear God, I'm sorry I've made a lot of mistakes before. But don't punish me no more. Twice is more than enough for me. Thank you.

I swear I'll do anything that I have to
Till I forget about you.


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